Rules & Regulations

All customers of the University of Reading SportsPark must abide by these rules & regulations

1 Categories of Membership

There are three categories of membership, each designed to suit the varying needs of our users.

1.1 The facilities that you are permitted to use at the SportsPark and the times that you are permitted to use these facilities will vary depending upon the category of membership that you hold. Details of all membership categories and price levels and appropriate time bands are available from reception.

1.2 When applying for membership, proof of status will be required. Membership at the UoR Student, Other Student, Under 18, Senior, UoR Staff, Alumni and Family price levels will only be granted when appropriate proof of status is presented.

1.3 Details of Family membership can be found in our Membership Information leaflet. Should one half of the ‘couple’ wish to cancel their membership then the remaining member shall be converted to an individual status at the applicable rate (e.g. community) if necessary.

1.4 All membership types must be applied for by fully completing the appropriate membership application. For monthly payment a Direct Debit form must also be completed and the individual is required to present proof of bank account details. Failure to do so may result in a delay in the processing of the membership.

1.5 When opting to pay for membership by Direct Debit, an interim payment must be made to cover the period from commencement of the membership until collection of the first monthly Direct Debit. This will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.

1.6 Reading University Students are also subject to Regulations for Conduct and Rules for the use of the University Sports Facilities found in the University Calendar.

2 Membership Cards

2.1 All members must present their membership card to gain access to the SportsPark facilities via reception or the automated turnstiles. Failure to present your membership card upon arrival may result in a charge of £1 being applied, payable before access will be granted to the facilities.

2.2Membership is non-transferable: should another individual use your card to attempt to gain access to the facility the University of Reading reserves the right to terminate your membership without refund.

2.3Should you lose your membership card a replacement card can be issued at a charge of £5. Reading University students must purchase a new campus card at a charge of £10. Any stolen cards can be reissued free of charge upon production of a valid crime reference number.

2.4All members consent to having their photo taken for identification via our membership database. Photo ID enables us to provide improved membership verification and avoid fraudulent use of membership cards.

3 Membership Agreement

3.1 These Rules and Regulations form part of your membership agreement with the University of Reading SportsPark.

3.2 Membership does not guarantee access to classes/facilities. You must book ahead to reserve your place by visiting reception, booking on-line or calling 0118 378 8799.

3.3 Members paying on an annual basis will be notified at reception up to 14 days in advance of their renewal date.

3.4 Members paying on an annual basis who wish to terminate their membership should simply allow their membership to expire at the time of renewal. No refunds can be offered for cancellation requests midway through the membership term.

3.5 Members paying on a monthly basis via Direct Debit do not need to renew their membership. Payments will continue to be collected on a monthly basis until such a time as the membership is suspended or cancelled. Any change in the cost of the membership will be communicated in writing a minimum of 14 days prior to the effective date.

3.6 Members paying on a monthly basis via Direct Debit who wish to cancel their membership can do so at any time directly with their bank after the initial payment amount and one direct debit payment has been taken. No refunds can be offered for any membership payments that have already been received.

3.7 Members paying by monthly direct debit are agreeing that they are the person/persons authorised to sign on the bank account for which the details are provided.

3.8 An additional £5 administration charge will be applied for any failed monthly direct debit payments.

4 Use of Facilities

4.1 All members are entitled to use the facilities during opening hours. The SportsPark does, however, reserve the right to close the facility for public holidays, university closure days, tournaments, exhibitions or other activities, or in connection with any repair, alteration or other maintenance work. Advance notice of any closure periods will be given wherever possible.

4.2 Members must get permission from the Director of Sport if they wish to receive private coaching or instruction in any of the SportsPark’s facilities.

4.3 All users of the VO2 Fitness Studio must read and accept the Health Commitment Statement prior to their first exercise session.

4.4 All users need to show their class receipt to gain access into Vo2 Group Exercise and Dance classes.

4.5 Appropriate, clean sports clothing and footwear must be worn at all times.

4.6 The SportsPark reserves the right to refuse entry and use of the facility should an individuals behaviour or appearance be deemed inappropriate.

4.7 Food and alcoholic drink must not be brought into any indoor sports facility.

4.8 Smoking is strictly prohibited in the SportsPark building and Athletics Pavilion, as well as on any outdoor sports arena.

4.9 Children under the age of 11 are not permitted to enter the indoor facilities unless they are to be supervised by a responsible person whilst taking part in sports activity or session.

4.10 Any person under 16 years of age is not permitted to enter the VO2 Fitness Studio unless taking part in a supervised session with a Fitness Consultant.

4.11 Lost or stolen property should be reported to reception as soon as possible where the matter will be dealt with in the appropriate manner. We keep all lost property for 7 days before sending it to the University lost property system in the Palmer Building.

4.12 Notices and signs displayed around the SportsPark facilities (indoor and outdoor) must be obeyed at all times. Notice boards will be updated with important information and should be regularly checked by all members.

4.13 All accidents that occur on the SportsPark facilities must be reported to the Duty Manager immediately by contacting reception.

4.14 The SportsPark’s liability for loss or damage to your property is strictly limited to any loss or damage suffered as a result of our negligence or our failure to take reasonable care. With this exception we will not accept liability for the safety of your personal property brought onto the premises. Any property stored in the lockers is stored at the individuals risk and no liability will be accepted by the SportsPark any lockers left in use at closing time will be emptied into lost property and kept for 7 days and then sent to the University lost property system in the Palmer Building. Any vehicles parked in the SportsPark car park, including all contents, are the owner’s responsibility and no liability will be accepted by the SportsPark. Neither the University of Reading nor the SportsPark limits or excludes its liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence (or its liability for fraud).

5 Physical Activity

5.1 You should not take part in any physical activity for which you may not be fit. You are responsible for monitoring your own condition during physical activity. If you develop any unusual symptoms you must stop the activity immediately and tell a member of staff.

5.2 The SportsPark will not be responsible for any harm that you suffer as a result of taking part in any activity unless it is caused by our negligence or our failure to take reasonable care.

5.3 Members must wear suitable sports clothing and footwear for the activity being undertaken.

5.4 If you suffer from a pre-existing medical condition, are pregnant or returning to exercise after a long break please seek advice from your GP before commencing an exercise programme or regime.

6 Bookings and Playing

6.1 All members must produce a valid membership card or quote a valid membership number when making a booking. Members must be present for any activity or facility that they have booked.

6.2 Only VO2 Max members may book an activity 14 days in advance. This is limited to the facilities/activities which they are entitled to use free of charge. All other members may book 7 days in advance.

6.3 Members may book one session only per card. To make two consecutive bookings two membership cards/numbers will be required and both members must be present for the duration of the booking.

6.4 VO2 Max membership entitles the holder to free court hire for badminton, squash, racquetball and tennis, subject to court availability, however all non-member guests must pay the appropriate entry fee.

6.5 To guarantee entry to an activity, members must book in advance, regardless of membership category.

6.6 Activities will be charged at the appropriate rate according to the time of entry/start time of the booking.

6.7 Members who wish to hire the Synthetic Turf Pitch, SoccerPark or book a Tennis session must make payment in advance when making the reservation.

6.8 Students will be permitted entry to club bookings only with a valid SportsPark or student sports Club membership. Non-members or students who fail to produce their membership card must pay a £1 no card fee before entry to the facility will be granted.

6.9 All club and special event bookings are dealt with by the Reception and Administration Manager during normal office hours.

7 Cancellation of Bookings

7.1 All SportsPark members will be charged £5 if a booking is canceled with less than 2 hours notice of the booking start time or if the booking is not attended.

7.2 No refunds will be given for any course unless alterations to the course details are made by the SportsPark.

7.3 Seven days’ notice of cancellation before the first of the series of bookings is required in writing otherwise the full charge will be levied. No refund will be made if cancelled during the period of block booking except in the event of unforeseen non-availability of the facilities.

7.4 All RUSU one off bookings/events must provide 1 months written cancellation. Failure to do so will result in the booking charge.

8 Internet Bookings

8.1 Bookings made on the internet are subject to all of the SportsPark’s Rules & Regulations

8.2 All internet bookings are paid for over the internet at the time of booking. Non-members should print internet receipts, which can then be produced at reception to allow entry into the SportsPark. Members swipe their cards in the usual way.

8.3 Bookings can be moved and cancelled via the internet but refunds, subject to 7 above, can only be given in person at the SportsPark.

9 Hiring of Equipment

9.1 All equipment hire requires the production of a valid membership card along with the appropriate payment. The membership card will be held at the SportsPark reception as a deposit for all equipment hired.

10 Guests and Non-Members

10.1 Members are entitled to bring a guest to take part in some activities with them. A guest fee of £1 must be paid by all non-members prior to access being granted.

10.2 Non-members must pay the appropriate non-member fee to take part in courses or VO2 Group Exercise classes.

10.3 Non-members are not permitted entry to the VO2 Fitness Studio.

10.4 Non-members who wish to hire facilities must make payment in advance when making the reservation. Non-members are only allowed to book a facility or class up to 3 days in advance.

11 Charges

11.1 Members are entitled to use all facilities at the SportsPark subject to availability (users of the VO2 Fitness Studio must have completed an induction). The cost of activities will vary depending upon the membership category and price level, details of which can be found in the Facilities Charges and Membership Information leaflets located at the SportsPark reception and on the SportsPark website

12 Data Protection

12.1 The details you provide us with will be stored on our membership database and will be used solely by us to administer your membership. We may contact you from time to time with relevant information or offers.

12.2 Members are required to give written notice to the SportsPark of any change of address or other contact information. Failing such notice, all communications shall be assumed to have been received by the member within 5 days of mailing to the last address notified to the SportsPark.

13 Variations

13.1 The University of Reading reserves the right to alter these rules and regulations, the prices and the times or periods during which members with a particular category of membership are allowed to use the facilities without notice, other than by posting the revised prices, rules, regulations, times or periods on the SportsPark website and notice board. Alterations or revisions will apply from the date of the first posting on the website, except for prices, which will apply from the next renewal date.