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TennisPark Memberships

Junior (Under 17s)

Join our new SportsPark Tennis club. Tennis club members get free use of our refurbished outdoor courts and 14 advance booking of indoor courts and there are no guest fees for your opponents. Plus members also get a free club night organised by GDT coaches.

There are two exclusive junior club sessions:
  • Fridays 16.00- 17.00 mini red and orange junior club night
  • Fridays 17.00 – 19.00 min green and junior club night
Junior players who are of a good standard and can play with adults can join the Saturday morning club session 10:00-12:00.
  • Tennis Club Membership

  • Tennis Only
    Under 11yrs £7 per month
    11- 17yrs £9 per month
  • Free outdoor tennis courts
  • Indoor tennis courts £15.00 per hour
  • Free club use of courts on club nights
  • 14 day advance booking for indoor & outdoor tennis courts
  • Inter club tennis matches
  • Entry into Wimbledon ballot (British tennis membership required, 9yrs+ only)
  • Join Online